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Cobb Anger Management Company, LLC

"The Real Approach"

Tel: (678) 653-4223

Bringing Value To The Workplace

This program is designed to teach and apply the principles and behaviors of self-management and to also train participants in emotional intelligence and communication. In a business environment, it is vital to ensure that the synergy between employees is kept at a high level to ensure optimum performance in the work place. This program is not only designed to increase self-management skills, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence BUT it also teaches how you can build on positive relationships with those around you to get the results you want. This provides cutting-edge information on how to:

  • Manage and express your emotions properly during times of anxiety and stress.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understand how to recognize your emotional triggers and how to defuse them.
  • How to effectively communicate with your coworkers to create the results that you want
  • Self-Management exercises that you can apply today to regulate your mood throughout the work day.
  • Increase productivity in your employees through proper reward and praise.
  • Respond when something goes wrong or employee does not carry out task properly.
  • Figure out what motivates your employees to reward them properly.

The Communication Method

Too often we seem to glorify the negative and ignore the positive. We respond more to negative situations and when the positive situations occur we tend to act like it was suppose to happen that way instead of showing gratitude towards someone who did things right. New business innovations today are instantly duplicated by the competition. That's a fact. Contrary to popular belief, your only real competitive edge is the relationship you have with the people you work with. With some respect and trust towards you, they will WANT to please your customers and will do so enthusiastically and deliver the high quality service we all drool over. Provided you have all other business systems properly in place, no one can beat you.The one thing your competition can never steal from you is the relationship you have with your people and the relationship they have with your customers.

What does this all mean?...

It means that your first priority should be to build trusting relationships and motivate your people to get this done the right way. This cannot be accomplished if you're constantly yelling about something they did wrong and ignoring when they've done right. This cannot be accomplished if you're angry or have trouble redirecting your anger into something more positive and productive.

So where do we begin? How about a story….

“For a long time I've been having a hard time getting my people at work to perform well. Not to mention getting my kids at home to pitch in around the house and do better at school. When I was complaining to a friend of mine about it, he had a nice way of suggesting that since I was having management problems at both home and work, it would be best to find the common core problem.”

Too often we hear a similar story or we maybe experiencing that right now and you now may be wondering “Well, what do I actually DO?”

Taking Action In The Workplace

Positive Re-framing

When we want to frame things in a positive light, not the negative. We pay a lot of attention to when people do what we ask them to do and performs a task correctly. When they do something wrong or doesn't do it at all, you ignore what they did wrong and redirect the behavior in a positive manner.

Some would argue that it's silly to ignore what was done wrong because they believe it's apart of their job to hassle someone about it but ask yourself: Does focusing on the negative ever build a trusting environment at the office or home? That would be more like reinforcing the negative.

Psychologists suggests that the more attention we pay to a certain behavior, the more it will be repeated. Its what you focus on that is the key.


Ignore does not mean do nothing. When we say ignore, we are speaking about the action of redirecting the situation in a direction that is more positive and motivating rather than marinating in what went wrong. Its all about energy management. What we focus on expands and increases. If you don't want negative performance, don't spend a lot of time on it.

What we are asking is of vital importance, we train our clients to redirect attention on the original task or advise the client to request something that the employee enjoys and does well. The goal is to catch them doing something right and encourage their positive behavior by showing SINCERE acknowledgement and appreciation to get more of that performance in the future.

“I'm convinced that in order to motivate people and create a world-class organization or department, you have to know how to manage people's energy” -Anonymous

*Investing in your employees can lower your company's turnover rate, it also shows your employees that you value them and the work they do. Eventually leading to positive results and a more productive business.