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Cobb Anger Management Company, LLC

"The Real Approach"

Tel: (678) 653-4223

                       Introducing Our Company's Facilitators and Staff

David Maynard (CAMF)

Director/ Facilitator

David Maynard is a Certified Anger Management Facilitator. He teaches individuals in the Atlanta area different ways of dealing with anger and stress. From his ten year background in sales, he is no stranger to highly stressful and high tension situations and environments. David has managed and trained hundreds of executive sales consultants in the field which he was able to generate positive results not just in sales but also by changing the culture of negative environments around him by bringing positive and motivational energy.

After finding success in the sales field David wanted to do more on a personal level. In 2012 he relocated from New York City to Atlanta and became involved with a local Non profit organization who's primary focus was to help feed families in the under privileged areas of Atlanta, providing over three hundred meals a month. By working closely with the community he began to realize there were more issues than hunger that was in need of concentration.

In 2013 David began working with a local anger management company in the metro Atlanta area where their areas of focus is in Anger Management, Stress Management, Communication, and Emotional Intelligence. Working along side the Facilitators gave him a more clear vision in which way he wanted his career path to segue, understanding the difficult challenges people faced day to day. In 2014 David became a CAMF (Certified Anger Management Facilitator) with the decision that he wanted to pro- actively help individuals conquer their battle with anger, helping people understand there is a healthy way to deal with anger in ways it doesn't have to consume you. He believes with the right tools and coping strategies the behaviors of anger can be unlearned which could ultimately lead to a more prominent and productive life.

Qiana Howell- M.S. in Counseling Psychology

Assessor (Anger Evaluations)

Qiana Howell is a Detroit, MI native raised in a two-parent home with three siblings. Despite, Qiana's upbringing, Qiana endured various traumatic experiences that led to her fulfilling her purpose in the mental health field. Qiana has her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with successful completion of professional training courses in the mental health field. She is experienced providing therapeutic services to adults, teens and children. Qiana has managed an Abuser Intervention Program for a non-profit agency in Maryland where she facilitated group therapy and anger management classes for men and women. Qiana has an extensive background in case management where she collaborated therapeutic approaches working with elderly adults, men, women, teens and children in non-profits, government agencies, mental health agencies and a psychiatric facility. Qiana specializes in group therapy where she focuses on a wholistic approach which encompasses Cognitive Behavioral, Solution-Focused and Person-Centered therapeutic approaches to help clients reach their highest potential. Qiana specialty areas are addiction, trauma, and domestic abuse.​  

Sabrina Oakley - MSW


Sabrina Oakley is a Social Worker. She earned a Master of Social Work from the University of Georgia. Sabrina has 20 years of experience working with children, families and individuals as an agent of support and guidance. Sabrina’s expertise is working with multicultural groups and conducting culturally competent assessments, treating each person with respect and understanding individual differences and culture and ethnic diversity. Sabrina is skilled in the tasks of overcoming communication or other barriers to service delivery in-order that individuals can advance and thrive.